Would John Graves Simcoe have cheered for the Raptors?


The link between the Queen's Rangers and the Toronto Raptors may not be obvious, but there is one.
When John Graves Simcoe organized the town site of the future settlement of York, he firmly believed that the rebellious colonies to the south would eventually look northwards with envy. He was utterly convinced that the methods and practices of a loyal colony would, over time, outshine those of an anarchic state ruled by the mob (i.e. a republican democracy). While this is arguably true about many aspects of life in Canada, it is also clearly true on the court of the great Canadian game invented by Dr James Naismith.
The victory parade for the Raptors will begin just outside of the fort built by the Queen's Rangers (@fortyork), proceed along the shore of the original town site (@oldToronto), and end near the intersection of two of the first roads that they cut, Queen (Lot) and Yonge Streets. Perhaps unbeknownst to the organizers, their route will take them through the heart of the original town of York.

And you just know that if John Graves Simcoe were alive today, you know that he would be at the head of that parade, thumbing his nose southwards. His dream for the colony has come true.