The work of Council is generally done in one of seven committees:

  • Finance Committee
    Oversees the expenditures and investments of Council;
    issues charitable receipts for donations and manages Council's budget.
  • Fundraising Committee
    Leads the effort to raise charitable funds for the work of Council;
    also solicits grants and funds from other sources.
  • Museum & Heritage Committee
    Manages the museum and archives; works with DND and other historical organizations
    to promote the history of the Regiment; provides specific advice to the Regiment on dress,
    customs and traditions; undertakes special historical projects.
  • Regimental Family Committee 
    Oversees Council's initiatives for the serving soldiers of the Regiment and for affiliated members
    of the family including band, cadet corps and re-enactor groups; maintains linkages to former members
    of the Regiment and those interested in supporting the work of Council.
  • Outreach Committee
    Liaises with external organizations, government bodies and allied regiments; maintains the website
    and all social media connections.
  • Executive Committee
    Composed of the chairs of each of the other committees; it manages the affair of Council between its quarterly meetings.
  • Nominating Committee
    Recruits and recommends individuals for election as Councillors; recommends committee membership for Council appointment.