The Regiment is full of dedicated soldiers, and The Queen’s York Rangers have a significant history in the development of our community and country. The Regimental Council is asking each of you to help us continue the traditions of The Queen’s York Rangers and provide an enriched experience within the Regimental family.

The well-being of Canada’s soldiers is of utmost importance. The appreciation of our community and the connectedness of the Regimental family are vital to reinforcing pride among the Regiment’s soldiers and the work that they do.

The Regimental Council is raising funds to support initiatives that will support morale and ensure the continuation of The Queen’s York Rangers’ strong legacy well into the future.

Your donation will ensure that the Regiment’s soldiers receive important items such as care packages while overseas. Assistance is available to past and present members in financial hardship. Funds also provide for initiatives such as the outfitting of members with the traditional Blues uniform, participation at Family Day, Band events and re-enactments. In addition, your support will help us to memorialize the traditions of The Queen’s York Rangers through the preservation of historical archives, artifacts, and the continuation of our customs. 

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration towards supporting the men and women who are part of The Queen’s York Rangers and the extended Regimental family.

Our soldiers are committed to the military ethos of “service before self,” and the Regimental Council is committed to them. Your generous support continues to enhance the Regimental Family and build depth and quality of experience for all members.

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Donations will receive a charitable tax receipt.

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