The Regimental Assistance Program is designed to alleviate outside pressures on serving members of The Queen's York Rangers and designated parts of the Regimental Family, in order to support their ability to parade with or otherwise assist the unit. The Regimental Assistance Program also alleviates the suffering of Ranger veterans and other members of the Regimental Family, in conjunction with existing Veterans Affairs Canada and other charitable initiatives.

The Regimental Assistance Program comprises three complementary parts:

  • The Regimental Assistance Fund
  • Regimental Scholarships
  • Guide to Assistance for Soldiers and Veterans

The Regimental Assistance Fund (RAF). This program is a tool for leaders to use to provide emergency funds, as grants or loans, to eligible members in order to alleviate outside pressures that prevent them from serving or to alleviate suffering.

Eligible persons are:

  • Current serving members of the Regiment and their spouses;
  • Former members of the Regiment
  • Current serving members of the Band
  • Cadet Instructor Cadre Officers and Cadets in affiliated Corps
  • Members of the Old Guard

There is no limit on the amount that can be given, and Regimental Council maintains a segregated fund for the RAF, adding to it as necessary. Requests are made through the chain of command (or to the Commanding Officer via the Padre) and are granted on approval of the RAF Committee which includes the Commanding Officer, Honorary Colonel and Chair of Regt Council. The application can also be sent directly to

The application form is accessible here.

Regimental Scholarships. Regimental Council awards Regimental Scholarships up to $5,000 in value annually, to the most deserving applicants. Serving members of the Regiment who are enrolled in post-secondary education are eligible to apply.

The application form is accessible here, and is due by August 31st for the following academic year (commencing in Sep or later). Completed applications should be sent directly to

Guide to Assistance for Soldiers and Veterans. Information on the many other programs that benefit soldiers and veterans can be found here. (updated Apr 1028)