The Queen’s York Rangers (1st American Regiment) is a Reserve armoured reconnaissance unit of the Canadian Forces, with elements located in Toronto and Aurora. The Regiment is a part of 32 Canadian Brigade Group, the Army Reserve formation in the Greater Toronto Area. Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron along with an Assault Troop are based at Fort York Armoury, while A Squadron is based at the Lieutenant General, the Honourable John Graves Simcoe Armoury in Aurora.

As a reconnaissance regiment The Rangers are part of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, along with the other Regular and Reserve force armoured units across Canada.

Composed of Reserve and Regular force personnel, the Regiment is primarily composed of citizen-soldiers who train one night a week, several weekends a month, and several weeks or months each summer. Parades and training occur each Wednesday evening, from 7 pm to 11 pm.

The Queen’s York Rangers Regimental motto is "Pristinae Virtutis Memor". This translates to Remembering their Gallantry of Former Days or Mindful of our Ancient Valour, and was inherited from The Queen’s Regiment, a predecessor to our present allied regiment, The Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment. The second, unofficial motto of the Regiment, inherited from the 12th York Rangers, is “Celer et Audax”, or Swift and Bold.