Vimy - A Ranger Mom's Perspective

I stood there on the sidelines watching, waiting for a glimpse of my boy.  My heart filled with pride and fear all at the same time.  Because I know where this could potentially lead, maybe not this year but a few years from now when he is more mature and really figures it out.  His life I mean.  My precious boy, all of seventeen years old, and already making such important decisions for his future.  When did that happen?  Where did the time go?  The question every parent asks themselves as they teeter onthe edge of letting their children go. 

I watched as they march in with their superiors,  young boys with a look of determination on their faces shining with youth.  Yet, as I look closer I can see young men emerging, breaking through with a brutal  force that only a mother can see.  I am ready I tell myself.  I am ready to let him fly and become who he wants to be.   I focus in with my camera to catch that youthfulness before it is gone.  I need something to reflect on.  

We stood there with these young men and women in solidarity, we reflected on the life and death of soldiers in a battle 100 years ago.  I just wanted time to stand still.  I want my boy for a few more years. 

The occasion, the 100 Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  These young men and women, my son included, stood on that field today and got a glimpse of a celebration of the lives lost in a battle 100 years ago.  The commitment and ultimately the deaths of those brave men lost in battle were forever etched in the minds of the mothers and the fathers all that time ago.    I think, could I potentially be one of those parents in the future.  Is that his purpose in life?   Will he make that same sacrifice?  

An Anonymous (for now) Ranger Mom