Ranger's Stories


Soldiers love to tell stories; Rangers as much as any. And our stories are longer, richer, funnier, more hair-raising and go back much, much further than those of any other Regiment in the Army. 

We are looking for the Regiment's stories - your stories - to share with the larger community through blogs on our web site. The goal is to share news, experiences and the history of the longest-serving and most storied unit in the Canadian Army.

We want to hear the stories of soldiers today and yesterday; stories behind the weapons and equipment; stories of events that Rangers attended - from the most grueling Rogers Challenge weekend to the longest Stalwart Guardian exercise; even the stories behind the Rangers' uniforms and distinctive kit. For example: Why is there chain mail on the shoulders of our blues? What's the origin of the Crescent Moon symbol? What's the story of the guidon and the battle honours embroidered on it? What did the Rangers' wives and mothers do while their men were away in France fighting the First World War, or in the wilds of New York State fighting the American rebels in the American Revolution. 

How do you participate? If you have a story idea just email info@qyrang.ca. Let us know if you would like to write up to 600 words for the blog or we will put it on out list of story ideas for our volunteer bloggers. If you want to be a volunteer blogger please also contact us and let's chat!

We begin posting blogs on the web site this month. If you would like to receive automatic alerts please complete the subscribe form on the right side of the screen.

“Celer et Audax”

Regimental Council Outreach Committee