Regimental Coins

For almost twenty-one years, Rangers have been challenging each other to show their Regimental coins.  At my change of command parade, as I stepped down from command of the Regiment, we inaugurated a new award.  Every serving officer and soldier who has achieved his first armoured qualification and served at least one year under the cap badge is eligible to receive a Regimental Coin.  Regimental soldiers with other trades and officers with other classifications are also eligible, as are the Honorary Colonel and other honorary appointments who wear the uniform . Each coin is serialized from 0001, 0002 and so on, and each award is recorded in the Book of Rangers maintained by the Adjutant.

Since that time, Rangers have proudly been carrying their coins- and challenging each other.  However, veteran Rangers who left the Regiment before October 1995 did not receive a coin and have been unable to participate.  Earlier this year I heard from several veterans who asked that this sad situation be rectified.

Today I am delighted to announce that the Regimental Council, with the permission of the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Thorson, has launched a new veterans’ series of coins.  They are identical to the latest batch of the Regimental coins and are serialized V0001, V0002 and so on.  The coins will be available for purchase at the online Kit Shop at .  The cost is $25.00 plus  shipping and handling.  Ranger veterans and other members of the Regimental Family will now be able to have their own Regimental coin.  A Book of Rangers (Veterans/Regimental Family) will be established and maintained by the Kit Shop.

The Regimental Council has also launched a Council series of Regimental coins.  These coins are presented by the Council to people who have provided great service to the Regiment, regardless of whether they have served in the Canadian Armed Forces or not.  They are serialized C0001, C0002 and so on.  A Book of Rangers (Council) will be established and maintained by the Secretary of the Regimental Council.

So now there is no excuse.  I urge all Ranger veterans to  equip themselves with a veteran’s coin, and carry it proudlyas an emblem ofyour service with your regiment, The Queen’s York Rangers (1st American Regiment)(RCAC).

Donald McKenzie
Regimental Council

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