Be Part of the Crew

"Crews, not individuals, fight in mechanized warfare, and the crews must train together, know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, know their machines. When it works, it is magnificent and irresistible."


You will be challenged mentally and physically, learning to survive in the outdoors.

Weapons Training

You will learn how to handle and fire: assault rifles, light and medium machine guns, light and medium anti-tank weapons, and hand grenades.

Physical Fitness

If you're not in shape, you will be.

Professional Driver Training

We will train you to drive our vehicles, and teach you tactical combat driving as well.

First Aid Training

A valuable skill, in any situation.

Overseas Service

Our very best get the opportunity to serve on NATO or United Nations operations. Rangers have served in Cyprus, Namibia, Bosnia, Croatia, Somalia, Rwanda, Kosovo, and Afghanistan.


As a part-time soldier you are entitled to pay, travel expenses, meals, field operations allowance, and other benefits.

The training is not easy. Ranger officers and sergeants are demanding and standards are high. We offer you a challenge and an experience that will reward you in life, along with a chance to make lifelong friendships.


Positions & Training

The Rangers employ people in the following trades:

Armoured Crewman

Reconnaissance crewmen learn combat driving, radio communications, use of a wide variety of weapon systems, dismounted patrolling, and recce tactics. They do whatever it takes to gather information: reconnaissance by day or night, in vehicles or on foot patrols.

Supply Technician

Modern war requires logistical support. Learn how to keep the fighting troops supplied with the fuel, ammunition, and other stores they need to get the job done.

Administration Clerk

More than just a desk job, you get the same basic training as every other soldier. You also learn payroll administration and personnel record keeping while building strong organizational skills.

There are two types of recruit courses available for Non-Commissioned Members (NCMs):

  • On the weekend BMQ (Basic Military Qualification) course, you will train every other weekend learning all the basic skills every soldier needs.

  • For high school students in York Region we have a co-op education programme during the second semester every year; contact your school co-op co-ordinator.

University Graduate or Student?

We are always looking for new officers (Commissioned Members) as well. Contact our recruiting staff to see if you are eligible. Officer training begins with BOTP (Basic Officer Training Plan). This is a weekend course that runs concurrently with the BMQ course.

Further Training

Further training and advanced courses for both Officers and NCMs is primarily based on summer training courses, and will continue throughout your career.

How to Apply

The Queen's York Rangers Recruiting and Public Relations Team

(647) 290-2797 /